Flex-Kote Texture Coating Spec Data Sheet

 Flex-Kote Texture Coating - a decorative and protective coating for exterior concrete, masonry, plaster and other sound paintable substrates such as brick, stone, adobe, and siding.


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Basic Use

Flex-Kote Texture Coating is water repellent, a breathable system designed to provide a durable, protective finish for a variety of building materials. The wide range of texture sizes available allows the user to mask most surface imperfections while giving the structure a pleasing uniform finish. The unlimited range of available colors and Flex-Kote Texture Coating’s proven superior color retention and color consistency provide years of beautiful service on pre-cast and poured in place concrete, concrete block and decorative stone, and other masonry substrates including brick, stone, and adobe. Plaster/stucco systems including the new polymer stucco systems are a natural substrate for Flex-Kote Texture Coating because of its ability to breath and bridge hairline cracks, as well as its excellent flexibility and adhesion. Flex-Kote Texture Coating will not alter building lines, its high build properties provide softening of surface flaws, and its uniform texture sizes provide an excellent monolithic appearance where necessary.


Apply Flex-Kote Texture Coating only to sound paintable substrates, appropriate for textured coatings. Any dirt, latent, old coatings, form release agent, or grease must be removed prior to application using light dusting from sandblasting equipment, or with a high-pressure water blast. Flex-Kote Texture Coating will freeze and all containers are so marked and must be at all times protected from freezing. Do not apply Flex-Kote Texture Coating at temperatures below 40 degrees or when the substrate is below 50 degrees, or if rain is imminent. After application, temperatures must stay above 35 degrees for at least 36 hours; longer if high humidity conditions exist.

Composition and Materials:

Flex-Kote Texture Coating is a waterborne coating based on an Acrylic Latex Emulsion and is formulated with the highest quality materials available and does not contain any volatile or toxic components. Flex-Kote Texture Coating is manufactured in three aggregate sizes- Fine, Medium and Coarse. It is also available without texture in the smooth form. Texture dries to a matte finish. The color is matched to any specification set forth by the customer. Flex-Kote Texture Coating is routinely shipped in 5-gallon pails and can also be shipped in 55-gallon drums.

Technical Data:

National Coating, LLC’s Flex-Kote Texture Coating meets or exceeds the requirements of Federal Specification TT-C- 555b, aml, Types 1 & 11. In addition, Flex-Kote Texture Coating maintained flexibility and adhesion after 5,000 hours of accelerated weathering in an Atlas Twin Arc Weatherometer. Coating integrity remained good with good color retention and negligible fade. Flex-Kote Texture Coating is non-combustible. For a specific date, see test report.


Surfaces to receive coating must be cleaned and free of scaly paint, grease, curing compounds or any other foreign matter. Flex-Kote Texture Coating should be applied as it comes from the container without mixing or drilling. If thinning is required, use only clean, potable water and do not thin more than one pint per gallon. The material can be applied by spray, roller or brush. Use heavy mastic or acoustic type spray equipment and techniques for textures. Airless type equipment may be used for applying a base coat. No maintenance of Flex-Kote Texture Coating is required after installation. The surface may be power washed if it becomes dirty from airborne dust or pollution. If the surface becomes damaged, re-coat with Flex-Kote Texture Coating after removing damaged material.


Surface-Aggregate Size/Yield rates-Square feet/gallon
Fine Med. Coarse Base
PIP/PC Concrete 60-75
Concrete Block 50-80
Stucco/Plaster 60-70
Gal. Metal 80

Two coats are required on new block surfaces- 1st coat – Base-- rolled
2nd coat- Texture—rolled or sprayed Two coats required on new surfaces


National Coating, LLC warrants Flex-Kote Texture Coating to be free from manufacturing defects and when applied according to published specification to perform for a period of 10 years. NC will not be responsible for any remedy other than replacement of material.