Flex-Kote Texture Coating

 Flex-Kote Texture Coating is a water repellent, breathable system designed to provide a durable, protective finish for a variety of building materials. The wide range of texture sizes available allows the user to mask most surface imperfections while giving the structure a pleasing uniform finish. The unlimited range of available colors and Flex-Kote 

Texture Coating’s proven superior color retention and color consistency, provide years of beautiful service on precast and poured in place concrete, concrete block, decorative stone, and other masonry substrates including brick, stone and plastic.


Plaster/stucco systems including the new polymer stucco systems are a natural substrate for Flex-Kote Texture Coating because of its ability to breath and bridge hairline cracks, as well as its excellent flexibility and adhesion. Flex-Kote Texture Coating will not alter building lines. Its high build properties provide softening of surface flaws, and it's uniform texture sizes provide an excellent monolithic appearance where necessary. 



 Benefits of Flex-Kote Texture Coating

• Suit Plaster / Stucco including the polymer stucco
• Unlimited range of colors
• Custom mixed to your specifications
• Proven superior color retention wide range of texture sizes
• Masks most surface imperfections
• Provides a pleasing uniform finish