CoolFlex™ T-1 Urethane Enhanced Styrene Acrylic Roof Coating

Spec Data Sheet

Product Description & Use

CoolFlex™ T-1 Roof Coating has been formulated with the most advanced roof coating polymer on the market today to produce an exceptional product for use on a wide variety of substrates. It’s ability to resist ponded water penetration and subsequent degradation of the surface gives it unequaled performance among fluid applied systems. CoolFlex™ T-1 has the added benefit of tenacious adhesion, even to existing coated roofs, and has proven superior in re-roofing applications nationwide.

Product Advantages
• Adhesion to a variety of substrates including concrete decks, built up roofs,  galvanized and pre-finished metal roofs, and foam systems.
• Easy to use-can be applied by spray, brush or roller. Cleans up with soap and water.
• Does not contain any toxic materials or have any hazardous emissions.
• Excellent reflectance-lowering roof temperatures- which saves on cooling cost and reduces detrimental roof movement.
• High elasticity and tensile strength assure superior ability to resist damage from penetration and to with stand abrasion from foot traffic, CoolFlex™ T-1 does not require granules or ballast to achieve abrasion resistance, yet remains flexible down to -15 degrees.


CoolFlex™ T-1 is a water borne coating based on a polymer emulsion of a urethane acrylic with inert fillers, including titanium dioxide pigment for high reflectivity. CoolFlex™ T-1 does not contain solvents, is not flammable, and does not emit hazardous vapors.


Substrates must be clean and free from dirt, improperly applied previous coatings or rust and scale. Surfaces should be clean and free from dirt, improperly applied previous coatings or rust and scale. Surfaces should be dry and all voids or penetrations filled with approved caulk or fillers prior to application. Do not apply during freezing temperatures, or if the temperatures will fall below freezing within 48 hours after application, or if rain is eminent.

CoolFlex™ T-1 will cure tack free in four to eight hours depending on temperature and relative humidity. Full cure takes from seven to fourteen days. New concrete decks should be allowed to cure 21 days prior to coating application. Foam insulation systems should be allowed to dry if rain soaked.

Application & Maintenance:

Roof should be clean , dry and in sound condition prior to application commencing. Fill all voids and penetrations, and use best accepted roofing practices to insure flashing, scuppers, downspouts and roof top units have bee properly installed and sealed.

Apply CoolFlex™ T-1 in two coats using roller (1”nap minimum) or airless spray equipment at a rate of 100 square feet per coat and an effective rate of yield of 50 square feet roof per gallon. This will yield a membrane of approximately 16 mils dry film thickness, . Any areas which look thin or are badly checked should receive a third coat to insure sufficient protection.

Equipment can be cleaned with soap and water. Over-spray should not be allowed to dry. Once dry, solvents such as MEK or Tolune are required to remove it. DO NOT THIN THIS MATERIAL. Cool-Flex T-1 is a one component premixed product which does not require the addition of any other ingredient.

Use of accelerator, anti-freeze mixtures or retarders, as well as water or solvents, can have adverse affects on the coating ability to perform.

Cool-Flex® T-1 can be repaired by removing any damaged or loose coating and applying a new coat of the roof mastic. Insure that areas to be covered are clean and sound.


Roof Coat Mastics are available in five gallon and 55 gallon containers. CoolFlex™ T-1 is available in standard white and custom colors, including most pastel shades. Manufactures Technical Representatives are available to assist in supervising proper application and to make recommenedations regarding difficult or unusual roofing conditions.


This product warranted against failure due to manufacturing or formulation errors for a period of 10 years and warrants that it will perform as represented for a period of 10 years. Extended warranties are avail- able when issued in conjunction with approved applicators. National Coating Mfg. will not be responsible for consequential damage or any other incidental claims relative to a coating failure. Any claims must be made to National Coating Mfg. prior to permanent repairs being in place to receive consideration. National Coating Mfg. accepts no other responsibility other than replacement of failed material.