Quality Coatings Coast to Coast for "50" Years

National Coating, LLC. has been applying high-quality coating products since 1968 throughout the United States. When applied by a factory authorized applicator, you’ll get long term warranties for both material and labor from a company that’s been serving the needs of concrete specifiers and builders for over 50 years. During those 50 years, the world’s leading companies have trusted us to solve their most challenging coating problems.

Our Customers Come First

National Coating, LLC.  is dedicated to meeting the high demand schedules in construction industries. National Coating, LLC’s management team and licensed applicators across the United States are dedicated to making the schedule ON TIME EVERY TIME. The nation’s top contractors have come to trust us because they know we are dedicated to solving each client's individual coating needs. Our integrity is what made us who we are today and we will stand behind our product and service 100% from the paperwork to performance, you will enjoy having us on your team.

Our Clients

We have been with most of our clients for 10 to 20 years, and have maintained a good working relationship. It is our pleasure to serve your coating needs and maintain your building's integrity for years to come!

Our Customers Include:

At National Coating, LLC, we understand the value of long- term relationships...as partners on your building project, we’ll be there for you from the first day of contact until years after the application. With over 50 years of experience coating buildings, we’re committed to making your building one you’re proud of for years to come.

National Coating, LLC is the manufacturer of coating products that is made up of the latest in Urethane Enhanced Styrene Acrylic material that sets the standard for textured or smooth finished coatings. National Coating has been applying these high-quality products since 1968 throughout the United States. For over 50 years the world’s leading companies have trusted National Coating, LLC to solve their most challenging coating problems. A partial list of our trusted clients may be found on page four of this catalog.

Proven Coatings since 1968

National Coating, LLC’s products are proven to be a water repellent, breathable system designed to provide a durable, protective finish for a variety of building materials. Our quality coatings will not alter building lines. Their high build properties provide softening of surface flaws, and its uniform texture sizes provide an excellent monolithic appearance where necessary.


Suitable for a Wide range of Surfaces

  • Precast and Poured in Place Concrete
  • Concrete Blocks and Decorative Stones
  • Brick, Stone, and Adobe
  • Plaster / Stucco including the polymer stucco


Unlimited Range of Colors 

  • Custom mixed to your specifications
  • Proven superior color retention


Wide Range of Texture Sizes

  • Masks most surface imperfections



National Coating, LLC Has Factory Trained Applicators Nationwide!

What does this mean for you? It means that National Coating, LLC is committed to starting and finishing your coating application on time EVERY TIME!

Our Applicators are strategically positioned nationwide to ensure that your Safety on the job site is our #1 priority!

Our safety record is absolutely perfect with no accidents or injuries in over 50 years of applying National Coating, LLC’s coating products.

Our applicators are the safest and most respected in the industry. Our safety will impress you from the first day until the last.

For a list of our Licensed Applicators, Please call 580-421-2402